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post_incognito's Journal

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Welcome To post_incognito

Let's meet the post_incognito Community Team:

Mod: futurewonder

Mod: trees_r_weird

Mod: whatevawhateva

Mod: woodstockschulz

Have a secret? Have a confession? Have a problem? Want to tell someone without revealing your identify? Then post_incognito is the community for you! Simply, e-mail your confession, secret, problem, or what not to post_incognito@hotmail.com and a mod will post your message anonymously, if approved, to the community.

Then members are free to reply to your anonymous message.

If anonymity is not important then feel free to post as you normally would.

The Rules And Regulations:

1. Giving your honest reflections off a posted article through commentting is always welcomed at post_incognito. Stating such reflections in a manner that is not kind and courteous is not welcomed.