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Post_Incognito's Journal
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Wednesday, December 17th, 2003
6:16 pm
I was looking at other advice communities and other such communities that have simularities to our own. It seems that some of them are doing quite well. I also noticed a few of them I researched before starting this community have a new addition to their user info page. Guess what it is? They now have an email addy where users can email their problems, etc and have a mod post it anonymously. :)

Anyways, I wonder what they are doing we aren't?

I plan on revamping the user ingo page with some basic regulations.

Mods- if it isn't too much of a pain please write a short bio. I plan to use it on the user info page.
Thursday, December 11th, 2003
6:18 pm
I know I"m not being all annonymous and such, but here it is.

I feel like lately, all I do is search around for someone that will date my lil ass (or not so lil). I feel liek I'm dwelling on this too much and feel like it's the only wayI'm ever going to be happy. PLEASE spare me the talk about how that's not healthy if it's the only thing that makes you happy etc etc. I know this and all. But yet I still look and look and look...even on lj! But, alas, no one. gar! So why am I posting this?? BEcause I've been keeping this in for awhile. Ifeel like it's bad of me to be wanting a loving relationship SOOO badly. I feel like I shouldn't be feeling this NEED to be with someone. It's not like I actually NEED one...but damn, it'd be so nice. and you can't tell me ya'll aren't happier when you're with someone like that! right?!

Current Mood: hyper
Wednesday, December 10th, 2003
12:22 am
This Week's Confession:
I did a little more pimping for the community and I guess we'll see what happens. O.K., this community is not defined as a community just for advice. I have full faith we shall have a crowd in here before too long. If only it wasn't in the midst of exams I could put more energy into the promoting. (That's my excuse)

So, let's see......

This Week's Confession:

What is something you have done that you haven't told anybody or very few people?

Of course, responses can be anonymous or by using your screen name.

Tuesday, December 9th, 2003
4:38 pm
shiny new iconses precious!
Yes, I'm a dork. But I'm proud to be a dork! *lol*

Anyways, the point of this post, you ask? To show off the shiny new iconses I made, of course.

I made one for each mod and two "all purpose" icons. My theory is that when each mod is posting, they can either choose to use thier customized icon or one of the general ones. You guys should each save your own icon to your journal, so that when you post you can use which ever ones you want.

anyways, here's the link so you all can admire my work *lol* : Post Incognito User Icons

/icon pimping

Current Mood: artistic
Monday, December 8th, 2003
4:56 pm
first email.
So, here's the deal...
There are three people that I'm interested in right

1.) The ex: Lives far away. Been pretty cruel in the
past. Haven't talked with them in awhile. They pop
back into my life, all flirty and such. And I'm
somewhat intrigued again. They seem like they've
changed...but I can't be sure. We want the exact same
things out of life.

2.) The current: Lives far away. Doesn't seem to have
a lot in common with me anymore. Has all the bad
qualities of the ex, and few of the good ones. Really
starting to get on my nerves, but there's no real
reason why. But I have this huge sense of obligation
to them. They want to settle down right this second
and I think I'm a little too young for them. (10+ year
age difference between us)

3.) The other one: Also lives far away. (Wow, I just
noticed a pattern that I hadn't thought about
before...) Makes me laugh. Really sweet. Flirts with
me a lot - and I flirt back. We have tons of stuff in
common, especially musical taste.

So. Who should I persue? Any of them? I'm stumped.

Monday, December 1st, 2003
1:31 am
A Community Is Born!

Welcome To post_incognito

Let's meet the post_incognito Community Team:

Mod: futurewonder

Mod: trees_r_weird

Mod: whatevawhateva

Mod: woodstockschulz

Have a secret? Have a confession? Have a problem? Want to tell someone without revealing your identify? Then post_incognito is the community for you! Simply, e-mail your confession, secret, problem, or what not to post_incognito@hotmail.com and a mod will post your message anonymously, if approved, to the community.

Then members are free to reply to your anonymous message.

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